Milwaukee Tools

A Brief History

The history of Milwaukee Tools stretches back to 1918 and the closing moments of World War I. The Ford Motor Company founder, Henry Ford, was searching for a lightweight, portable power drill for his assembly line workers. A young Wisconsin manufacturer called A.H. Petersen took up the challenge and produced the Hole-Shooter, the first lightweight, portable 1/4″ drill. It was a revolutionary product that weighed only five pounds but was capable of handling heavy-duty workloads.

In 1922 Peterson was joined by business partner Albert F. Siebert, and they formed the A.H. Petersen Company. However, tragedy struck, and a fire destroyed their manufacturing facility. They closed soon after due to financial difficulties. But out of this business’s ashes grew the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, which opened its doors in 1924.

The first product was the Petersen Hole-Shooter, and it was soon joined by many more. Other industries turned to Milwaukee to upgrade their tools, and it made significant improvements to the sander grinder and the design of the circular saw.

In 1949, Milwaukee introduced the 1/2″ right-angle drill, allowing electricians and plumbers to drill holes in very tight corners. Other significant milestones in the company’s history include inventing the technology that enabled lithium-ion power tools.



During its long history, Milwaukee has garnered a reputation for superb quality, reliability and performance. It is also known as a solutions provider and innovator, disrupting markets with breakthrough tools such as the M18 and M18 Fuel tools.



Sample prices: Milwaukee AGV17-180XC – 240V 1750W 180mm (7″) Angle Grinder – $409, Milwaukee Kango 900K – 240V 1600W 11.0kg K-Hex Demolition Breaker – $1,599; Milwaukee CHS355 – 240V 2300W 355mm (14″) Metal Cut Off Chopsaw – $399.


Known For

Cordless tools and heavy-duty products for professional users. The standard warranty on Milwaukee tools is 12 months from the date of purchase. However, there is an extended three-year warranty on all new tools.


Types of Tools

Power tools, accessories and hand tools. Among the notable power tool products are drill drivers, hammer drivers, rotary hammers, cut-off saws, applicators, expansion tools and electrical cutters.


Overall Recommendation

In the world of power tools, Milwaukee is a leading light. Its products are considered among the best money will buy. They work well, last a long time and get the job done. Additionally, the company has earned a good reputation for their powerful and long-lasting batteries.


  • Parent Company: Techtronic Industries
  • Headquarters: Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States
  • Manufacturing Facilities: In the United States – Greenwood, Olive Branch, Jackson, Mississippi and Mukwonago, Brookfield and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. There are also facilities in Europe and China.
  • Product Focus: Power tools, hand tools, outdoor power equipment, batteries and chargers, accessories, instruments, site lighting and safety solutions.
  • Website: