A Brief History

In 1902 in Two Harbors, Michigan, a lawyer, doctor, butcher, and two railroad executives formed the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. Today, it is known as 3M after the three Ms in the original name.

The original mission was to mine for corundum, a tough mineral ideal for making sandpaper and grinding wheels. However, what the founders thought was corundum was a low-grade mineral called anorthosite with no commercial value. However, instead of calling it a day, the founders persisted. They searched for other materials and applied them to different products.

The company became financially stable in 1916 and turned into an innovation powerhouse with an astounding array of ground-breaking products. They include masking tape, waterproof sandpaper, Scotch cellophane tape and reflective sheeting for traffic signs.

As of 2019, 3M produces around 60,000 products.



3M is one of the most innovative companies in the world. A third of the company’s sales come from products invented during the last five years. Users score 3M power tools highly for quality and user-friendliness.



Sample prices: 3M 28461 Random Orbital Palm Sander 150mm 5mm Elite Series Central Vacuum 6″ – $420; 3M Random Orbital Sander Elite Series 28510 150mm 8mm – $395; 3M 28562 10mm Random Orbital Sander 150mm Elite Series Self Generating Vacuum SG – $500.


Known For

A strong culture of innovation and heavy investment into research and development. Among the many products invented and sold by 3M are medical and dental products, Post-It Notes and audio-visual equipment.

Types of Tools  

3M offers a range of air and electric power tools. They include orbital sanders, buffers, cut-off wheel tools and grinders.


Overall Recommendation

3M power tools equip themselves well and make great additions to the home workshop. They’re very user-friendly, robust and last a long time.

  • Parent Company: 3M
  • Headquarters: Maplewood, Minnesota, U.S
  • Manufacturing Facilities: USA, China and many other locations across the world.
  • Product Focus: Adhesives, abrasives, paint protection films, medical products, personal protective equipment, car and boat care, chemicals and much more.
  • Website: www.3M.com