Cigweld Welders

Cigweld Welders

A Brief History

Cigweld is an Australian manufacturer of cutting and welding equipment that traces its history back to the early 1920s with the founding of JB Arnold and the establishment of EMF Electric.  They specialised in the manufacture of gas and arc welding equipment to help local welders.

Both companies became a part of Commonwealth Industrial Gases (CIG) in the 1930s, which continued to provide robust solutions for local welders. In 1957 the iconic Comet 1 Torch was launched, an innovative brass handled product.

A significant turning point in the company’s history came in 1985 with the establishment of the Cigweld brand to focus on welding equipment and filler metals. Since that time, it has grown to supply a wealth of products to clients across Australasia and further afield.

Key to the company’s success is research and development and staying up to date with new technologies and products. The company is continually designing, testing and improving current products and developing novel solutions for welding and engineering industries and medical markets.


Cigweld has a long history of supplying the Australian and New Zealand markets and has earned a reputation for the reliability and robustness of its products.


Cigweld tools are at the affordable end of the price spectrum. Sample prices: Cigweld W1008180 Inverter Welder – $395; Cigweld W1006185 Transmig 185 Ultra Multi-Function Inverter – $1,900; Cigweld W1008155 WELDSKILL155 Multi-Function Inverter Welder – $670.

Known For

Supplying a large range of welding equipment for industrial and trade/DIY use

Types of Tools 

Welding equipment, welding consumables, gas control and cutting tools, plasma cutting tools, light automation equipment and safety products.

Overall Recommendation

Whether you are looking for welding tools, cutters or safety equipment Cigweld won’t let you down. The brand has a decent selection of products that perform well and are very user-friendly.

  • Parent Company: Thermadyne Holdings Corporation New, ESAB Asia/Pacific Pte Ltd
  • Headquarters: Victoria, Australia
  • Manufacturing Facilities: North and South East Asia, Mexico and the USA
  • Product Focus: Welding and cutting products
  • Website: